TGX-8 Hand-held thermal binocular

Category: Surveillance & reconnaissance

TGX-8 Hand-held thermal binocular

Thermal imaging binocular TGX-8 is an ultramodern compact optical device, designed for monitoring and observing areas in limited visibility conditions – poor light, smoke, fog, obscured objects (by vegetation or merged with underlying terrain).

Distinctive feature of TGX-8 binocular is an integrated compact laser rangefinder tuned to 1550nm wavelength allowing to accurately measure to the target as far as 2500m.

High-performance capabilities of optical system are extended by set of functions and ergonomic design of TGX-8 which makes it an indispensable device for a wide range of applications.

  • 2x, 3x, 4x digital zoom
  • Sensitivity settings of the detector
  • Different color schemes for the image refinement
  • Integrated laser rangefinder
  • Built-in compass and accelerometer
  • Built-in video module
  • Manual and automatic calibration of the detector

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