TMQ-20 Helmet mounted thermal monocular

Category: Surveillance & reconnaissance

TMQ-20 Helmet mounted thermal monocular

The TMQ-X series is a digital ultra-compact thermal imaging device. Small dimensions of this series allow comfortable use of the monocular, mounted on a headgear or helmet, ideal for use by special units in urban conditions and in close quarter engagements and other situations requiring both hands.

The TMQ-X series is also excellent choice for emergency units (fire-fighters, search & rescue) allowing them to detect temperature variations and localize survivors in dusty and obscured areas and still have free hands to deal with unexpected situations. 

The TMQ device can equipped with a Lens of focal length of 19 mm or 20 mm, focused in the range from 10 m to infinity.

  • USB interface for programming and device control
  • 2x, 4x digital zoom
  • Sensitivity settings of the detector
  • Different color schemes for the image refinement
  • Manual calibration of the detector
  • Option to connect an external power supply
  • Analog video output with a possibility of switching off

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