Small caliber ammunition
Any standard ammunition from 9x19mm Pistol ammo up to 12,7x108mm ammunition for Heavy Machine Guns

Conventional small caliber ammunition in production is designed to be used in most common weapons such as Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles and Assault rifles as well as Machine guns.

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  • Pistols and Revolvers – 7,62x25mm Tokarev; 9x17mm Browning; 9×18 Makarov; 9x19mm Luger; .44 Magnum; .45 ACP
  • Rifles and Assault Rifles – 5,56x45mm NATO; 7,62x39mm; 7,62x51mm NATO; 7,62x54mmR; .338 Lapua
  • Linked for machine guns –7,62x51mm NATO; 7,62x54mmR; .50 Browning/12,7x99mm NATO; 12,7x108mm Russian
Medium caliber ammunition
Includes anything from 14,5x114mm up to the 57mm ammunition.

Generally the weapons using the medium caliber ammunition can be described as Autocannons.

The medium caliber ammunition also includes grenades for Under-barrel grenade launchers and Automatic grenade launchers.

The medium caliber ammunition provides multiple ammunition types such as Armor-Piercing (AP), High-Explosive (HE), smoke, illumination, training and antipersonnel cartridges with the capability to defeat light armor, materiel and personnel targets.

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  • KPVT Heavy machine gun – 14,5x114mm armor piercing incendiary ammunition
  • 23mm Autocannons – 23x152mmB for ZU-23; 23x115mm for GSh-23
  • 30mm Autocannons – 30x165mm for 2A42, 2A72 and CZ-30
  • VOG type grenades – for Russian GP-type Under-barrel grenade launchers and AGS-type weapons
  • 40×46 & 40×53 grenades – for NATO standard AGLs (CIS-40) or Under-barrel grenade launchers (M203)
Large caliber ammunition
Includes ammunition 90mm or larger used for direct fire (Tanks, Field Guns, etc.).

In large caliber ammunition you can find most of the ammunition used by tanks (T-72, Leopard, M1A2), field guns and anti-tank weapons (SPGs, RPGs, LAVs) which are effective even against heavily armored targets.

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  • 100mm for T-54/55 cannons
  • 125mm for 2A46 cannons
  • 105mm NATO L7 cannons
  • 120mm NATO L/55 cannons
  • RPG-7 & SPG-9 rockets)
Artillery ammunition
Ammunition of 122mm, 152mm, 155mm or even larger

Highly specialized ammunition used, for long-range indirect fire support and suppression fire, by howitzers and rocket launchers.

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  • 105mm ammunition – HE-FRAG intended for light field howitzers such as M56, M2A1, etc.
  • 122mm ammunition – HE-FRAG, HEAT, Smoke or Illuminating for 2S1 Gvozdika or D-30 howitzers
  • 152mm ammunition – standard or enhanced range types for D-20, SpGH Dana M1, etc. 
  • 155mm ammunition – modern NATO standard enhanced range ammunition for SpGH Zuzana 2, ATMOS 2000, M198 howitzer, etc.
  • 122mm GRAD – standard 20km range, or 40km extended range rocket artillery ammunition for 122mm MLRS such as GRAD, RM-70, LRSVM Morava, etc.
Commando mortar ammunition
Special purpose 60mm NATO mortar ammunition.

Ammunition is designed to be fired from 60mm commando-type mortars. Contain specialized initial charge and are limited to equip only 1 (one) additional propellant charge so not to damage the ultra-light commando-type mortars.

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  • 60mm HEI (High-Explosive Incendiary) and 60mm HEF (High-Explosive Fragmentation) bombs are designed to defeat machine gun posts, field fortification, lightly armored units and protected infantry
  • 60mm SMK (smoke screen) or 60mm ILL (area illumination) bombs are designed to provide friendly troops with  support measures and increase their battlefield presence
Mortar ammunition
Mortar ammnution for any mortar system from 60mm up to 120mm.

Mortar ammunition is generally much smaller and lighter than artillery ammunition, which allows them to be  transported by personnel without vehicle assistance. 

Thanks to the their shorter-range (compared to howitzer artillery), and excellent and more effective for tactical field operations. In particular, due to its high, parabolic trajectory with a near vertical descent, the mortar can land bombs on nearby targets, including those behind obstacles or in fortifications, such as light vehicles behind hills or structures, or infantry in trenches.

The provided various effects for tactical situations may be High-Explosive (HE), Smoke (WP), Illumination (ILL).

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  • 60mm standard mortar bombs
  • 81/82mm mortar bombs
  • 120mm heavy mortar bombs

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