VIBMS: Vehicle Information & Battle Management System

Communication, Coordination, Navigation, Vetronics, Diagnostics and Status of Friendly Forces in modular affordable package.

Originally developed for purposes of the Czech Army, but thanks to its modularity & customizability the VIBMS is perfectly suitable for any Military, Law Enforcement and/or Rescue & Security Forces.

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The VIBMS is a modular system intended for use on wheeled or tracked platforms, where it provides and secures:

  • Vetronics, complete diagnostics & evaluation of crucial vehicle systems – engine, communication, various superstructures, etc.
  • Interface for enhancing features – Navigational cameras, CBRN, Self-protection, Reconnaissance and other installed systems
  • Precise navigation – thanks to the internal navigation and receiver/transmitter module for GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BEIDOU
  • Communication – Originally developed to be used with RF23 EPM radio series used in Czech Army. We can easily customize the radios to your preferred radios – RF40 series, Barett, Codan, Rohde&Schwarz, L3 Harris, and others
  • Blue-Force-Tracking (BFT) – for all interconnected platforms
  • (Optionally) Enhanced BFT – extending the BFT capability to the vehicle’s drop-off party via direct radio connection
RF-23 EPM radio series

A comprehensive system of functionally interrelated handheld, manpack and mobile transceivers securing encrypted and reliable communication (TRANSEC + COMSEC) in extremely difficult conditions.

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The transceivers allow operation in multiple frequency bands (multiband), with multi-purpose use of available modes of operation (multirole + multimode). Functional compatibility with RF13 and RF40 radio systems is guaranteed.

EPM handheld and manpack transceivers are designed for communication at the tactical level in all military branches. They are used in particular where high quality communication with lightweight equipment is demanded.

Mobile EPM transceivers are designed to be built into all tracked and wheeled vehicles.

The radio system is complemented with RF1302S and RF13250S transceivers (CCI category), which, in addition to standard analog modes of operation with an open transmission, support special operating modes (SOM) and are certified by the Czech National Security Authority for transmission of classified information up to the Confidential level (NATO CONFIDENTIAL).

Key features

  • Secure and reliable communication
  • Variable operating modes
  • Data transmissions
  • Using GPS
  • Rebroadcasting
RF-40 radio series

Third generation of small tactical radios. The core of the system consits in the handheld multiband radio for 30 MHz to 512 MHz band – power output up to 10 W, supports frequency and amplitude modulation, several waveforms.

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The third and most recent comprehensive tactical communication system adds MANET broadband networks for VHF and UHF bandwidth, wide frequency range, satellite navigation using three GNSS systems (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS), multichannel operation and the concept of Mission Modules to the proven qualities of its predecessors. The core of the system consists in the “RF40 Thoroughbred” handheld multiband transceiver, which can be supplemented with the VA40 compact amplifier and thus form a vehicular set.

Key features

  • Secure and reliable communication
  • Variety of waveforms
  • Data transfers
  • GNSS
  • Mission Module
  • Rebroadcasting
Intercom system

Software defined intercom system for clear communication in environments with high levels of noise.

Outstanding reliability, easy use, possibility of software change of parameters, allowing easy integration with radios and headsets.

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The Central Communication Unit (VICM 201) provides two full access points for headsets with access to the internal connection as well as vehicle radios. The unit enables individual volume control of connected users and selection of the working and monitoring channel. It provides continuous monitoring of the entire communication system known as Built-In-Test.

The unit itself functions as an intercom for two users and two radios. This solution is suitable for small-crew vehicles.

Extercom – VCIM 300 Battlefield Announcement System

For greater safety of military and police vehicle crews.

System for loud broadcast of messages and acoustic warning signals to the vehicle surroundings.

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The VICM 300 Battlefield Announcement System reacts to current needs of military missions. The VICM 300 Battlefield Announcement System allows the vehicle crew to loudly speak to the public and/or transmit warning or cautionary signals without opening or even leaving the vehicle. This system is based on VICM 301, to which external loudspeakers are connected. The unit can be also connected to the vehicle intercom (if installed). The system can be set to periodically repeat messages to the public in any language and with high intelligibility.

Key Features

  • Easy use and installation in the vehicle
  • High intelligibility and wide area coverage
  • Option to use multiple speakers
  • Option of automatically repeated warnings and cautionary signals to the public in any language
  • Easy connection to vehicle communication systems
  • MIL-STD-810E, MIL-STD-461F

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