Multi-purpose terminal is a core component of our solution for Battle Management System. Cased in dust-proof and water-resistant shell, it is designed to provide commander of any vehicle with real-time information about his surroundings and any available information provided by subordinate sensors or superior officers.

  • Informing and warning messages (current condition of all the vehicle systems, warnings, emergency alerts);
  • Positional information (tactical situation, positioning of neighboring vehicles, editable slides at the background of realistic raster maps);
  • Navigation (generating and editing of waypoints, director information, distances, redeployment routes);
  • Built in GNSS satellite navigation receiver (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU);
  • Management and control of radio-to-radio data communication within the company network from the company commander’s vehicle;
  • Visualization of the company network status, including the modem reconfiguration from the stored libraries;
  • Optional visualization of the Ethernet-distributed videos from the IP camcorders or via an independent server.