L-LPP ground surveillance radar

The highly advanced DSP technologies integrated in L-LPP differentiate between moving and stationary targets; determine the exact parameters of the detections and control the adaptive surveillance parameters during changing environmental conditions.

Detection ranges:

Type of target RCS of target Detection range
Pedestrian 0,5 m2 8 km
Soldier 1 m2 10 km
Jeep-sized vehicle 10 m2 15 km
Tank-sized vehicle 50 m2 24 km

The radar is controlled from the operator unit or command center. The radar’s control software is capable of utilizing various map formats and displaying the detected targets over the map. The software is designed in a user friendly way, it is easy to use even for untrained operators. The software supports the integration of this single radar into complex multisensor systems. Every surveillance data and user interaction is recorded and can be replayed for further analysis.

  • 5 minutes to set up and ready for operation
  • Standalone or network usage
  • Covers areas hardly approachable by vehicles
  • Easy integration into systems
  • Low weight, small dimensions