Legion MRAP

The ultimate Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle build on military certified heavy-duty suspension.
The Legion excels in providing the maximum protection, in MRAP class vehicles, against ballistic (STANAG 4569 KE protection @ level 3) as well as mine threats (STANAG 4569 Mine protection @level 3a/3b) of the modern battlefield. Even with this protection the large internal volume offers maximum comfort to the crew and troops.

  • All-around ballistic and mine protection compiling to NATO military standard
  • 360° turret with protection up to STANAG 4569 KE protection @level 3
  • Highly-modular superstructure to meet the customer’s requirements and needs.
  • Blast Protected Seats with Head Guards and 4 point seatbelts
  • Blast Mitigation flooring
  • Automatic CTIS operational on the vehicle move
  • Operated by electronic controller at the dashboard
  • Four terrain pressure setting selectable
  • Automatic tyre pressure check
  • Basic variant of VIBMS
  • Automatic AC, 2 Units (Front & Rear)