M-LPP ground surveillance radar

M-LPP radar is excelent for continuous unintereptued ground survailance for detection of ground and low-flying intrusions with fully solid state design, low power and low dissipation design, providing for very high MTBF.
With embed GPS and compas, low weight and easy integration in to C2 systems, the M-LPP is excelent unit for locations with difficult accessability or for patrol vehicles.

Detection ranges:

Type of target RCS of target Detection range
Pedestrian 0,5 m2 8 km
Soldier 1 m2 9,5 km
Jeep-sized vehicle 10 m2 17 km
Azimuth Coverage 90° single unit continuous detectoin
360° coverage with 4 units: 1 sec. scan
360° coverage with 1 units: 9 sec. scan
Instrumented Range 8, 12, 16, 24 km
Accuracy in range 10m (RMS)
Accuracy in azimuth 0.5°
Detectable Radial Velocity 1 – 300 km/h