Precision approach radar

The RP-6PA precision approach radar is equipped with the latest technologies. The radar provides comprehensive information necessary for precise control of all types of aircraft for landing – the information about accurate aircraft position, and current deviation from the required descent path in azimuth and elevation.


Main characteristics:

  • Fully solid state technology
  • Antenna system with electronic scanning
  • Doubled configuration architecture
  • Modern radar data display software
  • The system has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Modular design enabling modifications according to specific customer wishes
Range 0 to 15 NM
Elevation pattern -1° to +7°
Azimuth pattern -10° to +10°
Accuracy (RMS) in range 30 m +3% of the distance from the touchdown point
Accuracy (RMS) in azimuth 0.6% of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft deviation from the course line, or 9 m (whichever of them is greater)
Accuracy (RMS) in elevation 0.4 % of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft linear deviation from selected glide slope, or 6 m (whichever of them is greater)
Resolution in range 60 m
Resolution in azimuth 0 to 1.2°
Resolution in elevation 0 to 0.6°
Detection probability > 90 % (@ RCS = 2 m2; PFA = 10-6)
Data update rate 1 sec
Maximum number of simultaneously processed targets 100
Frequency range 9100 – 9300 MHz
Antenna type 2× phased array antenna
Beam width (az/el) 1.2°/0.6°
Gain (az/el) 33 dBi/33 dBi
Polarizace vertical/horizontal/circular