RF-23 EPM radio series

A comprehensive system of functionally interrelated handheld, manpack and mobile transceivers securing encrypted and reliable communication (TRANSEC + COMSEC) in extremely difficult conditions.

  • The transceivers allow operation in multiple frequency bands (multiband), with multi-purpose use of available modes of operation (multirole + multimode).
  • Functional compatibility with RF13 and RF40 radio systems is guaranteed.
  • EPM handheld and manpack transceivers are designed for communication at the tactical level in all military branches. They are used in particular where high quality communication with lightweight equipment is demanded.
  • Mobile EPM transceivers are designed to be built into all tracked and wheeled vehicles.
  • The radio system is complemented with RF1302S and RF13250S transceivers (CCI category), which, in addition to standard analog modes of operation with an open transmission, support special operating modes (SOM) and are certified by the Czech National
  • Security Authority for transmission of classified information up to the
  • Confidential level (NATO CONFIDENTIAL).
  • Secure and reliable communication
  • Variable operating modes
  • Data transmissions
  • Using GPS
  • Rebroadcasting