S-LPP ground surveillance radar

Ground surveillance radar is man portable and provides long detection ranges transmitting low peak power. This solid-state, Pulse-Doppler radar, automatically detects moving targets out to 23 kilometers.

Detection ranges:

Type of target RCS of target Detection range
Crawling man 0,1 m2 2 km
Pedestrian 1 m2 6 km
Helicopter 5 m2 9 km
Jeep-sized vehicle 10 m2 12 km
Tank-sized vehicle 50 m2 20 km
The radar operates with high reliability, exposed to harsh field environment conditions, working according to an intensified profile of mission either day or night in any adverse weather conditions. S-LPP radar can be combined with an electro-optic (TV/IR) and Command and Control (C2) system to provide multi-sensor surveillance capability.


  • Portable unit;
  • Stationary fixed based operation;
  • Mounted on a vehicle.


  • Border protection;
  • Infrastructure protection;
  • Battlefield surveillance.